Last year we tried starting 3 new hives. (Haven't had bees in over 25 years) We lost all 3 due to the drought and heat. We brought the boxes in to a lumber storage area beside our wood shop and when I started inspecting them in Jan. we had wax moths. We have since cleaned up all the frames after freezing them each for 2 weeks. I have them all in the wood shop and I don't want this problem next winter. We are getting 3 nukes from a local club member installed in my boxes.

I remember reading some were about an insert with a slide out tray to replenish the product used to keep moths at bay. Does any one have plans for this insert and what was/is used to keep moths out. I know there is one type of moth balls that should NOT be used so I don't want to get the wrong type.

I THANK YOU ALL for your help with this.