Since I have seen them support this forum by advertising here and I recently got to see their facility I thought I would give a review.

First about communication, I sent the a question by email on a Sunday and had a response early Monday morning. When I called to place my order they answered promptly and courteously.

When I arrived to pick up my order it was already on a pallet, shrink-wrapped and ready to be loaded on my truck. Doug and Carrie were very friendly and truly seemed happy to see me.

I only bought bulk sugar but as I was thinking about this review at the time I inspected the equipment they had for sale so I could report here. All of it looked to be very well made and fitted. No gaps found in any of the boxes and they had several stacks on display. On the painted ones the paint was applied well with no thin spots I could find. The unpainted boxes showed the wood to be almost free of any knots and the few that were there were small and tight. Frames were square and looked very nice. Only drawback some of you may have is they use 6 staples per frame (2 through top of top bar and 1 through bottom bar on each side) with no staple through the end bar into the top bar. Inner covers and telescoping covers also appeared to be well made.

I got called while there and had to head out in a hurry so didn't get to stay and talk as long as I wanted but still had a good time and enjoyed talking with these nice people.