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    Default Feeding bees Questions

    I started feeding my bees some 1:1 to get them to draw out some PF combs. I have read on here that if you make them think that the flow is on by feeding 1:1 early in the year that they will start brooding up. Then you cannot stop feeding before the flow is on because they might starve. My question is is it neccesary to keep syrup on them constantly or is a gallon a week ok. I usually give them a gallon on Sunday and they run out Wednesday or Thursday. So do you think a gallon a week is ok?
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    Default Re: Feeding bees Questions

    If I feed, I try to let them not run out while I am. Otherwise you put them on a roller coaster of thinking there is a great flow and a dearth and a great flow... I wouldn't feed them at all if there is nectar coming in and usually when it's warm enough to feed syrup there IS nectar coming in...
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