I sent my strong hives to calif, several weeks ago. The crew I was with put in over 6000 hives in a little over two and a half weeks.we have now have returned to Arizona and I have the chance to send 64 small 2-4 framers over there for 85 dollars, this does not warrant a semi truck and to be honest not sure its worth the trouble. I have a ford 550 registered at 19,500 pounds. Does anybody have an idea do what I need for dot numbers or what ever to avoid getting crossed up with the dot? I would like to make a few extra bucks. I Have sent them on semi trucks before so never worried about anything more than the bug station. Info appreciated ASAP . Ps when over there with the 550's. we never stop at the scales .. But we are not loaded either, a load of bees is a whole different matter. Thanks much gang... GB