I'm 45 years old, married to my best friend and we live on 15 acres in north-central West Virginia.
We want to keep bees for several reasons; to increase pollination and productivity of our trees and other flora, to syphon off a bit of honey for ourselves, but mostly for the experience of working together with the bees to our mutual benefit.
I've been doing most of the research; books, podcasts like The Organically Managed Beekeeper and am still in the research stage. Were gravitating to the philosophies of The Fat Bee Man, John Seaborn, and other like-minded beekeepers. My Wife and I are currently enrolled in a six night course with my county BKA and let me tell you they are a great group even if we are hearing a little bit of conflicting philosophy there.
For this season. we are leaning towards purchasing a small cell nuke, and using foundationless frames in 8-frame medium Lang supers.
I am definitely here to learn and welcome all advice.
About the only thing I have to offer at this point is an open mind.