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    Default I forgot my manners

    Hi all,

    I apologize for posting my first post, 8-frame versus 9-frame beehives, without first introducing myself. We're down here near Montgomery AL and we have a U-Pick with a variety of fruits, hydroponic veggies and pumpkins.

    A friend of ours had keep around 10 hives here on the farm for the past 5 years until just recently when he moved them back home to tend his new strawberry fields. Realizing their importance to our farm, we decided to start raising our own and, as some other folks have mentioned, there is a ton to learn!

    That's why joining this forum seemed like such a great idea and, again, I apologize for jumping right out there.

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    Default Re: I forgot my manners

    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome BBF!


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