I would suggest that the OP search for a paper by May Berrenbaum(from teh U of Ill.) around 2007. She tested to see if CCD was of chemical origins, or pathogen origins. I forgot her methods, sorry. The conclusions where that it was a pathogen, which supported Hackenbergs conclusion.

A wise man above wrote:

I have the same problem as most people doing CCD research, finding the missing bees.

There is a report from a foreign country that analyzed those bee. The bees where placed in a "desert", 1/2 mile from a small cultivated nectar source. The author could not find any disease in the hives, but found plenty in the dead bees 1/2 mile away. Very simple, NOT very easy.

We saw CCD in 2005, 2006. Killed 90 percent for 2 years. Cleansed the hives and problems changed dramatically, and they made honey again. Don't forget the "don't make honey" CCD symptom. Do you have that?

So believe what you want.......

Crazy Roland