It is interesting how different hives can be from one another.

I started two hives from packages last spring , one was very quick to build up and produced well over 100 lbs of honey , the other was sickly and produced almost no surplus at all , but seemed to perk up in the fall , going into winter with a good population.

Yesterday was very warm , the weak hive was flying cleansing flights in full force , nothing from the stronger hive , not a bee to be seen.

The hive that was flying has all the bees in the bottom deep , I opened the other , thinking they would all be dead , and they were all in the top deep , probably a few thousand of them.

The one that wasn't flying has water actually dripping water out of the entrance , and I have been cleaning out thousands of dead bees every few weeks , so i installed a top entrance for them , as they don't seem to want to go down and thru the bottom as it is too wet.

Any guesses as to what would cause so much moisture in one hive , they both have ample ventilation , and do you think putting in a top entrance is the right thing to do?

From what I can see , there is lots of stored honey in the uppers still.