My neighbor 4 houses down has 2 feral colonies, high population, in a rv type vehicle on his property. He's disabled and hasn't used the vehicle in many years. The bees have been there for 6 years. There's 2 colonies and possibly 3. So I looked underneath to see that the entrance they are using is at a seam in the skin (I think that's what it's called, underside is covered). On the other side of the vehicle a few feet away is another entrance and bees flying in and out from the opposite side. I didn't measure the distance from entrance to ground, but it's not much and the tires are flat. Less than 2 feet I suspect.

He doesn't want to poison the bees and he doesn't want to damage the vehicle. His lawn fellow now wont work the area because he's gotten stung.

Is there any way I can trap out these bees?

I did tell him I wil set up a bait box next week, which wont get rid of the bees but only lessen them during swarm season. I think the swarm I caught in a bait box last fall likely came from this trailer.