Hi guys,

I'm a first time beekeeper. I've built two top-bar hives out of 1.75" thick cedar, the hives themselves are well insulated but I may have a serious problem. My 2 packages of bees arrives March 30 and my bees will mostly be forging canola flower. From what I've heard bees will not survive the winter on canola honey. Canola honey crystallizes quickly and the honey it self is rich with nutrients, this causes the bees to make lots of trips to empty their bowels, if it's too cold and they begin to relieve themselves within the hive they will die because of dysentery. What all beekeepers here do is harvest all the honey in mid august and begin feeding the bees high volumes of sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is clean and free of nutrients, it doesn't crystallize as fast as canola and bees have to make very few cleansing flights. But here's the problem I have a top bar hive and I'll have to crush the combs, beekeepers here use langs and don't have to crush the combs.

Will the bees be able to build all the comb back in August and September if I feed them tons of syrup? And anyone else from Manitoba or elsewhere harvest all the honey and replace it with syrup?

I don't want my bees to die , please let me know if the syrup method will work.

Anderson Litton