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    Default HBH--HFCS & storage??

    So, I'm ramping up the "sideliner" nuc production and hive growth this spring. It's in the works. 55 gallon drum of HFCS for early spring feeding of the hives and then for use in nuc buildup.

    (this is not the time or place for the HFCS debate. I've been using it. Haven't lost a hive in the winter and all the girls are healthy)

    Question: Is there any reason that I couldn't go ahead and pre-mix the HBH into the syrup? Since the syrup is pretty consistent with honey and doesn't spoil, per say, unless water is added, it seems I could.

    Just trying to manage time well and avoid the mess of mixing up 40 qt jars with HBH all the time.


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    Default Re: HBH--HFCS & storage??

    Ask the folks at HBH
    Im really not that serious


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