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    Default Does this mean anything?

    I found three live drones wondering around on the ground in front of my hive today. They seemed not to be able to fly. Does so many in such a state at once mean anything?
    I also saw one worker that could not fly as it had one wing that was smaller than the other. It looked like a wing, not deformed but just smaller.
    The hive as a whole seems finealthoughht I have not been in there. They are consuming a lot of feed ,bringing in in a a lot of pollen and generally seem very active.

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    Default Re: Does this mean anything?

    The drones are only trying to fly. But apparently their wings did not support that.
    There is something wrong with them obviously. There is nothing you can do with them if
    they cannot fly. Unfortunately, a physical deformity that you cannot do much about. Just accept the reality of life I
    guess. But not all drones are like that, fortunately. There are some that are able to fly. So keep an eye on those
    that can. When they make the drones it isn't just a few of them. There are a lot more just like the worker bees.
    Yes, they do consume lots of resources with the drones. That is also normal I guess. Keep it going!

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    Default Re: Does this mean anything?

    I found that once bees land near a hive they are reluctant to fly again. They will walk around for what seems like a long time to find a way into the hive when a literally 2" flight would get them in. I don't know why they do this but I see it all the time. If you have doubts pick one up and throw it in the air, if it doesn't start flying before it hits the ground it may actually have something wrong with it.

    In any case, 3 none flying drones is nothing to worry about. If it was 30, maybe.


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