A realtor from Prudential that was handeling the illegal eviction of me and my family, lied to a beekeeper and told him or her to come and take anything they wanted in my apiary because I abandoned it. My apiary consisted of 25 double deep Beemax hives with about half that number in live hives, a DOW bear fence with marine battery and fencer and solar charger, about a dozen or more wooden boxes with top and bottom boardsand inner covers, hive stands, 2 wood nucs and some old cardboard nucs not in the best of shape and assorted equipment. She did this all illegally, knowing that I was going to move the apiary. The sherrif deputies knew we were going to move them too. She did it out of spite because I wouln't bow down to her. My son and I spent a full day carefully picking up my $24,000.00 steel building and restacking it after she had it dumped along the road in front of my former residence. Because it was dumped along the road without reasonable care ( the law ), it took a lot longer. My wife called it in to the sherrif that it was stolen. Of course we accused the friendly neighborhood realtor and her husband. We obviously don't put any blame on the beekeeper that came and picked up the hives. We just want them back.