I've been asked to do a cutout of an infestation of bees in the exterior wall of an old run down house.

The renter has specifically asked that I work to save the colony.

The funny thing is that some bees keep making it inside the house, and they act insane, and die shortly later. I've seen one of these bees - It was skittering around in circles on the floor. It is what I'd expect from poisoning.

Oddly, the owners swear they haven't used any poisoning - And I believe them.

It doesn't make sense to me that behavior this acute could be attributed to a poisoning that happened in years previous - Otherwise the colony itself would be dead.

Poisoning seems to only happen to bees that make it inside. I've not seen this behavior in the short time I've observed traffic around the external entrance.

My only hypothesis is that they're coming in through the light sockets, and getting a shock on the way through.

Any other ideas?