Hi, all! I did a hive check on a warm sunny day, today. Many new fuzzy bees are hatching just within the
hour or so. Some are cordovan color while others are caniolan colors. Rarely do I see them mixed in colors. This hive
started with one frame of bees and a new laying queen about one month ago.
There are 3 frames in the middle of the hive all got sealed brood right now. So the 7 frames on either side have no eggs or
bees on them yet. The hive is still small but growing steadily everyday now.
My question is should I move the empty frame inbetween the sealed brood so the queen can lay some more eggs?
Right now there is not one single egg and the queen bee is fat and plump. Only not laying now. You think she is waiting for a place to lay
after the sealed brood hatch within a week or 2? So should I move the frames or just leave it as it for now?