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    Default Using brood chamber frames for honey

    Hi, I was wondering if you could use old brood chamber frames for honey. I have used apivar in the brood chambers before, and my main worry is that there will be too much residue in the honey. Do you think that this will be the case?

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    Default Re: Using brood chamber frames for honey

    As for me using old brood frames that have seen lots of chemicals for honey supers, I personally wouldn't do it. I'm sure some others would not hesitate to use them though. Some also say that using old dark brood combs for honey will give the honey a darker color and even cause it to taste differently than it would otherwise in nice new comb, they could be right, I've never done an experiment on that. John

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    Default Re: Using brood chamber frames for honey

    They should not be mixed and matched. There is a reason why honey supers are honey supers and are never on during any treatments.

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    Default Re: Using brood chamber frames for honey

    Having mostly all medium frames for brood and honey supers, my frames are switched around all the time with no problems.

    You may not need to be concerned about apivar residue. The following is from their website for what it's worth.

    "Apivar® leaves the bee, honey and wax and all other hive-derived products unaffected.
    Moreover after successive Apivar® treatments for several years, no accumulation of Amitraz residues can be noticed even in wax."
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