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    Default Advice: Bug Net or Bee Veil - Beekeeping on a Budget

    Hello all. Trying to equip some beekeepers in South Sudan, East Africa, on a tight budget. I can get the Tulle veil from Dadant at 10.95 (bulk pricing) (

    Someone suggested I look at something like this Campmor head net at $5.99 ( There's also this Outdoor Research bug hat from REI (

    We plan to upgrade to better equipment once we get some revenue coming in from honey sales, but for the time being, is it unwise/unsafe to save money and get the Campmor head nets and wear them over a hat?

    It looks to me like the main disadvantage of the Campmor head net or REI bucket hat is that you don't have anything to tuck into your coveralls/jacket, so there's risk of bees getting in.

    Advice welcome.
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