I have read here and elsewhere that feeding 1:1 syrup in the spring will stimulate egg laying - that this simulates a nectar flow and prompts the reproductive instincts of the colony.

I have many frames of brood comb, pollen and capped honey from my winter deadouts. I planned on putting these into my hives for the new packages I install. So the newly installed bees presumably won't need syrup for their own consumption...they'll eat from the capped honey.

If in addition to the capped honey I also feed them 1:1 syrup (to stimulate egg laying), my concern is that they'll pack away the sryup into the brood comb and won't leave room for the queen to lay eggs.

Is it necessary to feed a new package 1:1 syrup in the spring under these circumstances? Does the colony really need the "stimulus" of the syrup to start laying eggs?

Thanks in advance for your insight.