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    Hi folks. Its been a while since I blogged on your site. Probably over 2 years since I moved up to Alaska. Im still keeping bees but a little more differently up here. Most dont overwinter their bees and reorder ea spring. They usually get 4-5lb pkgs in april/may and hope for a good warm summer. So far I havent had a good warm summer but more like a cool wet summer in the past 2 season. Temps adv in the 50-60s in the day and down lwr at night. Season doesnt last more than early aug and you better get the drawn off before they eat it all! I have 2 hives I keep at a friends that doesnt have the best sunlight but plenty of nectar sources and the bees fly till 10-11 ea night if its nice. So far Ive only got a gal of honey per hive per yr in the past 2 seasons and hoping for a warmer season this year. Im going to try Carnolians this season after I used Italians the past 2 for their easier temperment around my friends newness in handling the bees. Hopefully he will be in the hives less and feed a bit more consistent. Hope you all have a great season and good luck with the beekeeping this year.

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    That is expensive honey I know of Canadian Beekeepers who winter in doors and feed all winter. That may be an option for you.

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    Hard to fool mother nature. Maybe try tropical fish.
    Im really not that serious


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