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    Default Possible swarm prep?

    It's been warm this winter, the bees were getting pollen in January, and still are, and the queen is laying brood. Three weeks ago, the top deep was about 60-70 pounds and full of honey, no brood, the bottom deep was full of comb mostly empty except for brood. Last weekend, the top deep had brood and drone cells with about 50 pounds of honey, the bottom deep was light and full of empty comb covered in bees, so I swapped my deeps. There were also comb they kept building on the top of the bottom deep frames, and some joined to the bottom of the top deep. I scrapped them off two times in 2 weeks, and there was no larva. Last weekend, they had build them back and they had larva in them, don't know if they could be queen cells or is a pic of what I scrapped off, you can see the larva....
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    Default Re: Possible swarm prep?

    Looks like drone brood. They will build it where ever they can fit it in. Normally between the boxes or on top of the frames. It does not necessarily mean they are getting ready to swarm but, it does mean swarm season is on the way. (spring) so keep an eye on them like any other spring.

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    Default Re: Possible swarm prep?

    Drones. The bees like to use the extra space between deeps to make drones because they don't have enough drone space in standard foundation hives.

    If you put a foundationless empty frame a couple slots in from the outside, they will fill it up with comb in no time, mostly drone, raise a crop of drones, and be done with it.

    Queen cells are usually scattered around the brood space, on the bottom of partially drawn comb, and hanging off the bottom bar, never between the top bar and bottom bar so far as I know (that is, they are always hanging into the space between frames, never attached at the bottom).



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