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    Default Spring hive tuneup advice needed

    Last year I didn't stay ahead of my bees enough and had too many swarms. This spring I have 4 very strong hives, #5 not so strong and #6 dead (didn't build up last summer, glad to see it go). Rosemary, eucalyptus, CA bay, etc are blooming, pollen is coming in. I want to be proactive.
    The first warm day very soon I want to go through every frame of all brood boxes and scrape off all the unwanted burr comb, do any required checkerboading, and set them up well for a big year. Any advice, tips, or especially pointers to videos or instruction on this step would be appreciated. Even stuff like how to tip up a box and scrape off the burr comb. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Spring hive tuneup advice needed

    All you need in one place

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    Default Re: Spring hive tuneup advice needed

    Burr comb is irrelevant as is propolis. They will just rebuild it and you just make more work for them. If it's in your way, remove it. If not, leave it.

    As far as swarm control, checkerboarding should be done about now in MY location. Probably too late in yours. If you keep the brood nest open they usually won't swarm.

    As far as spring management in general:
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