I run into my bee mentor yesterday, a fine old man of 89. I have learned alot from him the past few years, he is like my third Grandpa.

I notice some red on his fingers that looked like blood and asked him "did you cut your self or something"? He looked down and said "Oh that, its just red paint".

He proceed into story mode and explained about all of the troubles he has had with the city squirrels eating his pecans, digging up his garden, and other problems with them. He has been trapping them for years. I had seen a few of them. Some of them ended up in the stew pot, but most he relocated to the Elks Lodge about a mile away. One day after he released a trapped one, he went inside for a beer and sit down next to a retired MDC employee and struck up a conversation. The MDC guy told him he was wasting his time, the squirrel would probably be back home before he got there.

So my mentor had an idea. He was going to test that theory and prove him wrong. That is where the red paint on his hand come from. "I paint the little c suckers red to see if they really return, and I have not seen any of the red ones back in my yard".

That made my day. So if you are ever in my neck of the and see a red latex painted squirrel, you know where they come from.

I hope that 40 years from now I am still going like him.