This will be my third season with my bees. Started out late 2 years ago with doing a cutout from my grandparents house after the Joplin tornado. Then later that fall found a large feral open air hive and brought it back home and transferred it to a hive box. Did splits last year and two hives jumped to six. 3 of the hives are a deep and a medium and the other three are single deeps. I opened my hives the other day, 60 degrees and sunny. All 6 doing very well. 5/6 having frames of lots of capped brood. 1/6 having small area a bit larger than a soft ball of capped brood but throughout 5 frames front and back. 3/6 having more than one box with capped brood. Saw 5/6 of my queens and all hives have new brood/eggs. I went ahead and put mediums on all 6. They are moving fast and early here in NW Arkansas. One of the larger hives population is heavy and has lots of brood(capped and uncapped) throughout the 6 deep frames and like 5 of the medium frames. Some of the medium frames are a bit messy where the wax foundation got hot and folded a bit and in those areas the queen has laid and now there is capped DRONE brood. It's not a lot. Small areas on just a few frames on the lower outer edge of a large regular worker brood area with wonderful laying patterns. It's early... and that's the only reason I am worried. I found no other evidence of possible swarm action and like I said I placed a new medium box on top. I might do that again this weekend depending on the weather and what they have done so far with the new medium. We have a few things blooming here already like quints and buck brush and the bees are foraging and bring pollen back too. This hive will most likely be my first split of the year. what do you guys think? Stay this course ?