I know this may seem counter productive with lots of people moving to all medium set ups, but how would I go about changing from medium nuc frames to a deep frame? Here are some of my ideas and hopefully some one knows the best or close to best way. A little background why I ended up with a medium nuc is because I didn't want a southern queened package that the people are offering around here to pick up locally. Didn't want to pay shipping on an ordered package. The person that I found making nucs is local over wintered, no treatment, breed for mite resistance and temperament. Only problem is they only had mediums left, they put me on a waiting list for a deep if some one cancels. Or so now on to the main issue on hand.

- place the medium nuc frames in a medium body and a deep on top when space is needed then repeat the process when the deep on top of the medium is full at that point find the queen and make sure she is in the deep and put the medium on top with a queen excluder.

- place the medium nuc frames in a deep body with a block of some sort to fill int the empty space and slowly pull out the medium frames. Maybe use for a nuc to start a second hive (this maybe wishful thinking)

- place the medium nuc frames in a deep body and leave the as is so the bees make drone comb in the empty space and cut off to controll mite population since I am useing plastic foundation

- run medium / deep / deep through winter and pull out the bottom medium at the end of winter before eggs are laid.