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    Default Old hive set back up, now what?

    I set an old abandoned hive that had been turned on its side for some time back on a bottom board and went thru the deeps. Here is what I found: First there is more propolis here than I have ever seen in a hive and everything is rotten so taking it apart is a real pain. The bottom deep seemed to be mostly empty with some honey scattered thru the frames. The second deep is full of honey. The two supers are full of honey and bees but they are falling apart so I left them until I could get more equipment and set them all back upright. The supers are shallows and I only use mediums, hence the delay. I didn't see any brood or eggs in the deeps, not even any old queen cells although the property owners said they swarmed twice in the spring, and since I didn't pull the supers apart, I am hoping the queen is in the supers. I think I will pull it all apart and treat it as a cutout and put it in new equipment if it is queen right. What would you guys do? Thanks for any tips, John.

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    Default Re: Old hive set back up, now what?

    It sounds like you have a plan. If you don't have a queen I would go ahead as planned only add a frame or two of brood from another hive, or buy a queen and install her. Just make sure you are queenless if you decide to install a new queen.


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