Hi Everyone,

I wanted to get some feedback on how you all make up your nucs.

I am trying to reduce drift when I make mine up so I'm looking at closing the bees in a little longer, here is how I'm currently making them;
I select the resources I want to make a nuc, one frame of honey, one frame of capped brood and adhearing bees, one shake of bees off brood comb. The nucs are taken to another yard about 1 mile away(12 to 24 hrs queenless), cells are planted the next day at which point I open the entrance and let them fly. I read a previous post on planting cells in a mating box and the poster suggested keeping the box closed up until the cell had hatched, keeping it closed for two days after, then opening up the entrance.
I have a couple concernes about this, heat build up and no water. I know the virgin won't have much of a smell to her until she's been mated and starts laying so I'm not sure of the benefit of keeping them closed in to minimize drift. I have had good success with mating, it just seems that I don't have the bees in those boxes I should have to get things going.
Thanks for you opinions!