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    Default Amount of land needed to control for breeding.

    How much land is needed in all directions from a breeding yard to control the drone pool for mating? If I have a mating yard at point A; and I have drone mother yards 1 to 2 miles awhile, north, south, east, and west of the mating yard, do I control enough territory to increase my chances of the queens mating with my target drone population. Are the drone mother colonies to close or too far from the mating yard? Drone mother yards each contain about 16 colonies. I now control such an area. There are no commercial yards within 10 miles, and no known hobby beekeepers in this area. I am trying to control the area to retain VSH charicteristics in my operation. Input?



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    Default Re: Amount of land needed to control for breeding.

    It's less dependent on an amount of land than it is the proportion of drones that have the genetics you want that are in the drone congregation area(s) you queen goes to.
    If you have many drone colonies closer to the DCA you'll get more keepers and fewer culls in mated queens than if you have the same number of colonies spread out over a broad area.

    Th problem is that we usually don't know where the DCA is so you have put colonies at the 4 points of the compass to increase odds that you have one or more in range of the DCA.
    So it's the area covered as much as the concentration of drones.


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