Im new to this beekeeping thing.

I had this question partially answered before, but now that I have a little more info, I think I can make a better decision. What is ya'lls take on this?

I have three deep hive bodies and two mediums right now on hand, assembled. I have all my other hive components.

Should I make two hives with two deep bodies each and the rest medium supers, or should I make two hives with ONE deep body and the rest all mediums and reserve my third deep for another hive in the future?

I understand the advantage of using ALL mediums for interchangeability and that there are times I might need to swap frames between bodies, so it seemed like using ONE deep in a hive and all mediums from there up would give me a more practical means of doing that.

Im kind of leaning towards one deep hive body and all mediums from there up, but I have been advised to do two deeps as well, so I need some other experienced keepers to weigh in.

What makes more sense? If I didnt have a lot of my equipment already, I would have done all mediums, but it was easier to order this way.