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    Default Make Nuc Entrance Disc

    Had anybody made their own? The discs that Mann lake is coming out with look pretty expensive. I live near there so I get all my gear with them. So I figured I could probably make my own. I took some scrap Luan that I had laying around and simply drilled a bunch of 1/8th inch holes in the shape of the nuc entrance. It is in the shape of a rectangle. One side has the vent holes and the other is untouched. I used a nail as a pivot on the untouched side so I can spin it from wide open to vented shut or anywhere in between. I figured that I didn't really need any of the other settings since I would only really use them to reduce the entrance and shut the entrance.

    So my question is how well do you think these will hold up? I have plenty of other scrap if some thicker wood would help. Would this be anywhere effective against a determined mouse in the fall? I am not sure if any of my tools besides a tin snips is rated for metal. I remember reading once in the warre book that he used old soup cans or something. Anybody do that?

    Edit-In relation to the mouse current version doesnt have a mouse guard setting but the next would. I asked the question without giving you the why. I suppose I could just keep what I have and put screen over them in the winter. Either way would the bees chew through this stuff?
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