One of my hives has wintered in two deeps and one medium super. I did an inspection today and found the following: bottom deep virtually empty, top deep mostly full of honey and supplies with a couple frames of brood in the middle, top super loaded with brood in middle 4 or 5 frames, with honey on the outside. So basically the brood is in the top where the honey should be and the honey is in the top deep where I want my brood. What do?

If I do nothing, I fear they won't work their way down, especially since there's so much honey they'd need to move around. Presumably this would encourage them to swarm.

My thought is to wait another couple weeks, then remove some of the deep frames of honey and replace them with drawn comb, presumably making more room for them to move down. I guess I could also try to push the queen down then with smoke, then add an excluder to keep her below the super.