I sell 20-30 nucs a year. I am up front and as detailed as I can in regards to what the buy is getting. For instance, this year this is what my Craigslist ad says.
"For sale this spring---5 frame nucs of honey bees
Each nuc will come with 5 filled out frames of bees, brood, a new 2013 UNMARKED queen and includes you keeping the nuc box.

**Standard 5.4 cell size 5 frame nuc: $120-- mother queen will be from VSH queen and new queen will be open mated.
**4.9 small cell size 5 frame nuc: $140 mother queen will be from Italian queen and new queen will be open mated.
**I may have a few 5.4 cell size 9 frame medium nucs available with VSH offspring queens. $115 and you will need to bring your own bottom board and top.

Nucs available for pick up May 1st, 2013 but could be earlier if we have good spring weather."

I won't sell a nuc until the frames are filled out and the new queen is laying well for weeks. Seems a purchased queen that's just started laying doesn't have a laying track record to stand on yet. If you're going to sell a nuc with a purchased queen, it seems that 1. the people need to be told that and 2. The queen needs to have layed and hatched through a cycle or two to show she's legit. At least that's what I think the etical/moral thing to do is. You purchased the queens under the premise that it was a healthy laying queen and not a brand new just mated queen. The seller wouldn't sell you a newly mated queen. They sold you a good layer. You should see that she is doing just the same before selling the nuc.
Just my 2 cents...