Hi All, I enjoy Beesource forum greatly. I will be a new beekeeper in the spring. I have always been interested in raising bees, the right time to do this is now for me. I have read everything that I can get a hold off. I have checked out many hours of you tube. I've joined the local bee club. I've got a subsciption to Bee Culture. I've purchased a bee jacket,smoker,hive tools and I've purchased Woodenware from Humble Abodes (Maine manufacturing of bee woodenware)and already assembled the boxes and frames. I decided to go with 8 frame deeps for the brood boxes and 8 frame mediums for the supers. I've built the hive stands and the ipm screened bottom boards. I've ordered a package from the local bee club, I've also ordered a 4 frame nuc and a 5 frame nuc from different local maine beekeepers. Today we are in the blizzard but spring will come. Hoppfully I've thought of most of what I need.