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    Default Crocodile tears not allowed by almond growers in 2013.

    For those of us who pollinate almonds the best time of the year is about here. If you have been doing this a while you have probably dealt with a grower or two who think the price of bees is way to high.

    If ANYONE tries to pull that trick on you this year I recommend you go to the bank with them and wipe away their crocodile tears with their golden Kleenex.

    With the surge in prices the last few months.....even the California varieties hoovering just short of 3 bucks and the nons substantially more any decent grower can easliy afford $200 today compared to 150 last year. If they pull the crybaby trick tell them you will take a pollination price increase that is only 50% of what they are getting compared to the price of nuts a year ago.

    More stories of bees crashing at the same time more trees are going in the ground. Met another "row crop guy" last night at the basketball game who just put in 70 acres this week. Total of 200 new acres in the ground in the last 3 weeks within 3 miles of our ranch. People don't put that kind of money into the dirt when the payback outlook is $0.

    If there ever was a time for this industry to ride coat tails of a boom this is it. Tell them to put the Handkerchief back in their pocket and drag out another 20-40 bucks next year.
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