I am currently working on a short term USAid project in Western Uganda. I am working with a Honey Packer to conduct a series of workshops with rural farmers who are already keeping bees or would like to start. When I was talking about the dangers of agricultural pesticides for bees, many of the farmers raised their hands and talked about the surrounding cotton plantations. They said that the plantations sprayed, but they didn't know if it was pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

I don't know much about cotton being a yankee. Does anybody have an educated guess as to what would be sprayed on cotton? Would it effect the bees? My only advice was try to find out when they are going to spray and shut in their bees for those days. Would anybody offer advice beyond that? Is 24 hours enough?

Thank You, if you would like to read about what we are doing check out my blog. www.malawidan.blogspot.com