Hello All,

After some time of reading posts from this site I decided to register as a regular member. Looks like it's a place for wealth of information. A friend of mine told me ask 5 different beekeepers a question and you will get 5 different answers.
I got into beekeeping a few years ago kinda on a whim. I have wanted to do it since I was a kid but had no idea where to get started. My 12 year old daughter expressed interest and wanted to do 1 hive for a science fair project. So I found a local place that sold supplies and offered classes, after that I was hooked! Since then I joined our state's beekeeping association, and started in a master beekeeper program. I currently have 2 hives and if they make it through this winder I want to split them into 4. We harvested honey last summer for the first time and it was like no honey we have ever tasted! As a result we went through it pretty fast!
Anyways part of my joining here is to see about the possibility of turning this hobby/passion into a sideline business. I have access to 11 acres that I could put more hives in, and my regular job is a middle school teacher so I have some time off in the summer. I would love to manage 50-100 hives and somehow rent them out to pollinate local growers fields. Having just a pickup and a small trailer a small operation might be manageable? Who knows.....

When I'm not dreaming about bees I love to fish our local rivers, dig clams or crab at the beach, work my garden, and hit music venues around our town. Despite the many months of rain here I love living where I do!