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    I understand that buying 50 pacs of bees is small potatoes to you guys but i would like to find out who you feel gives the best service...
    Gardners or
    hardeman or
    i value your words....thank you greg zechman

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    I've never ordered from Hardeman or Wilbanks, but I've ordered from Gardners several times and have been very pleased with the customer service. As a matter of fact, I'll be picking up packages with them the last week of March.

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    I use and have used all 3 and they are all fine.

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    I'm thinkin' that if you're hoping to get any this'll be a question of who or if anyone has any available. Don't forget Rossman.
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    Roberts Bee Company (was H & R, which was York Bee) in Jesup, Georgia had good bees and prices . . . they will ship packages.

    I see a Drew Apiaries in Hahira, Georgia has really good prices on bees too . . . they are pickup only on packages.
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    Cool Re: Bee supplier

    Wilbank's have been my supplier for over 15 years. For customer service they have alway done me right. They have always worked the hours+ just to make sure my loads are ready when I need them to be. I would think if you made your call now you shouldn't have any problem to get your bees. Being that you live in GA, it shouldn't cost to much to go and pick them up.


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