I came home this afternoon after a really crappy day at work, dealing with the public that does not appreciate anything you do it seems anymore. It was really nice today, in the 50's. But around 3:30, it clouded up and cooled off quickly.

I walked down to my struggling hive, the only one I have. There were bees scattered around on it, lifeless. The quick cooldown had caught the fliers out and they were chilled coming back in. They had made it to the hive, but were just sitting there lifeless.

I picked one up and sit it on the palm of my hand. A leg wiggled. An antenna twitched. The warmth of my hand was reviving her. Her butt started pumping.

I began collecting several more around the hive and placing them on the palm of the hand. I noticed the first one was moving good and had dropped her stinger out. "Cmon girl, don't sting the hand that brings you back to life" I thought to myself. The others were starting to come around also. That first one buzzed a few times and even come up into a defensive posture, butt in the air. But as the others started warming up and started moving around the first, she calmed down.

I picked up a twig and let her walk onto it, then guided her into the top entrance of the hive. My hive has a Kelley plastic cover that lets light in and I could see in the top entrance hole as she walked over the top cover and joined the clutch of other bees. The rest revived and made the same trip, fully revived and back safe and sound. A few of them were carrying baskets of something, maybe pollen from my hazelnut bushes.

I don't know how many were out and did not make it back to the hive today. But I felt better that I saved a few. And, I felt a little better about the day. The simple warmth of my hand brought them around.