Actually couple of questions
1. On "average" if fed well and good weather (and a blessing from the bee gods) how long for a 10 frame deep hive fill up or need a second brood box starting from a package?
2. Any advantages to starting a package in a 5 frame deep compared to a 10 frame?
3. On average how much sugar pollen patty's am I looking at going through this first season per hive from spring til bedding them down for winter?
4 Any advantages to running hives in 5 frame deeps as opposed to 8 frame mediums if and when weight lifting is a concern?

I do realize that there is going to be differences between geographical areas and care taking theology's and a all advice is welcome and encouraged. I also realize that some of the questions raise age old debates on the merits of each idea. I want to really understand that for myself and have an idea of what I am going to encounter when I get my bees in April 20. thanks.