I have not done any reseach on these hive types. I have no bees. I have two nucs on order to place into my two langstroth hives that I fabricated and built.

I plan to keep bees for pollination purposes, hobby value, and general awesomeness. I'm not in it for the money, or even for the honey, for that matter. If I got a gallon of honey in a year, I'd have more than i needed.

So, with that out there, I plan to try and trap some swarms and was cutting wood last night and got to thinking...why the heck would I make new Lang Deeps and all of the frames to have them sit out in the woods, fields...etc and possibly never be used. Making all of the frame components is labor intensive and not all that fun. So, I decided to do top bar traps. Well, if I'm doing top bar traps, I might just as well have a top bar hive or two.

So, now I have to consider the Warre or the Kenyan tob bar hive. I'm not concerned about the difference in costs, or the difference in appearance, or honey production. I"m most concerned about which will be the easiest to overwinter in a Michigan climate. Without knowing anything, it seems like teh Warre might be the better option.

I'll be researching this for a few days before building, but I figured I'd toss it out there for input from you folks. I welcome all input you might have, but I don't want to stir the pot and start a big debate about this hive or that hive. I will likely end up with langstroth, warre, and KTBH. after a couple of eyars, i can decide which I prefer.