Anybody ever try it? I am going to try my hand at queen rearing this summer. I don't really want to mess with my overwintered Langs much so they can produce me a nice crop of honey. So I was thinking of using my Warre for queen rearing. My thought is that the Cloake board method should transfer over to a Warre as long as you have a box that you can somewhat inspect. I have half frames, which keeps things workable. All I'd have to do is take one of my half frames and run a bottom bar across it and I could rear enough queens for my small scale purposes.

The process would be similar to that of Lang hives. Get a box full of brood. Smoke the bees down and out of the box. Put above a queen excluder. It'd probably be safe to say that the queen is no longer in that box. You could always come back in a few days to be certain. The bees will most likely be starting cups/cells in that upper box. Do all of the manipulations with the entrance and put a piece of cardboard over the excluder, graft, harvest cells, combine back (really generalizing the process, but this really isn't a lecture on how to use a cloake board system).

I know that it's not really what the die hard Warreors would do, but it takes all kinds to make the world go round. I enjoy my Warre Hives, but my Langs seem to out produce them. I would still love to tinker with my Warres, and maybe this is one way to do it.