Twinbee, I have read the responses and have mixed emotions regarding the answers.

I was certified, no longer current, a Category 3 EMT and understand and agree with the responses regarding administering meds not prescribed to the person being administered to. That being said the same certifications and training states that digging out a splinter is considered an invasive procedure and is controlled just as the administering of meds.

I requested a pen, and get renewals, when I started beekeeping and will continue to do so. I have seen anaphylaxis and administered to those in it’s throws. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice and it is not just one specific set of symptoms on it’s onslaught but what it is always; is life threatening and usually rapid on it’s procession. Whether I administer my pens to someone else at my home or visiting my hives will be a decision I make at that time, based on the situation and conditions at that time, not exclusively on the legal issues raised in these posts. I do not run up and down the streets looking for splinters to remove either but if an acquaintance in true need asks me to help remove one guess what…I will be looking for my tweezers.