Hi All

I am looking at building a Tanzanian TBH which takes Lang deeps (legally required to use frames in my state)

I was just after some input from some experienced TBH keepers on the best design for my area.

In the summer, the average maximum is 29 C (84 F) but there is a few days temperature will hit 40 C (104 F) or above.
In winter the average maximum is 1516 C (5961 F) and minimum is usually around 8 C (46 F)

I am in a metro area, so I figure the bees would be able to collect, maybe 7-8 months of the year?

What design would be recommended for these conditions?
1) Type of entrances?
2) How big? How many frames?
3) Ventilation?
4) Mesh bottom or not? Covered bottom?
5) Hive dimensions?
6) How to over winter? Would I need too?

Any other ideas or input welcome!