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    Default TBH design for Adelaide, South Australia, help wanted!

    Hi All

    I am looking at building a Tanzanian TBH which takes Lang deeps (legally required to use frames in my state)

    I was just after some input from some experienced TBH keepers on the best design for my area.

    In the summer, the average maximum is 29 C (84 F) but there is a few days temperature will hit 40 C (104 F) or above.
    In winter the average maximum is 1516 C (5961 F) and minimum is usually around 8 C (46 F)

    I am in a metro area, so I figure the bees would be able to collect, maybe 7-8 months of the year?

    What design would be recommended for these conditions?
    1) Type of entrances?
    2) How big? How many frames?
    3) Ventilation?
    4) Mesh bottom or not? Covered bottom?
    5) Hive dimensions?
    6) How to over winter? Would I need too?

    Any other ideas or input welcome!

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    Default Re: TBH design for Adelaide, South Australia, help wanted!

    I have a double width (2 x 10 frame) Langstroth hive and I love it! So it takes 2 Langstroph supers side by side.

    Here's a link to more information and photos:

    1. Top and bottom entrances at both ends. Not at problem at 40C. Winter temps get below 0C a few times a year. They only wintered with 10 frames.

    2. Width is 21 frames.

    3. 12mm entrances at each bottom end (open both to 25mm when above 35C) and 200mm wide top entrances at each end in the lids (shut down each to 100mm in winter).

    4. Covered bottom. (Would be good to have a removable tray on the bottom to get rid of the rubbish easily.)

    5. 810mm wide x 505mm long.

    6. With 10 frames, made sure about 75% of the frames were capped honey, in May.

    Matthew Davey

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    Default Re: TBH design for Adelaide, South Australia, help wanted!

    If you are using lang frames then it won't be a Tanzanian hive

    I went down the long hive route on one hive just to give it a go and its worked really well. I just made a deep box about 4' long, put the entrance at one end and used a follower board and no foundation. To get around the heat I have a warre like quilt on the top and its survived 46 degree days really well. Just make sure your inner dimensions allow for the correct beespace around the frames and you should be right.


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