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    Default Should I clean out dead bees?

    My mouse guards are causing a bee jam on the bottom board. It has been a warm winter here in Colorado and the bees are active. Can I remove the mouse guards now? Or can I take them off and "sweep" the bottom board and put the guards back on? The bees can't seem to get the dead bees out themselves with the size of the holes in my mouse guards. There is a small notch in the top they use also.

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    Default Re: Should I clean out dead bees?

    I would clean them out. I don't know about the timing on replacing the mouse guards (I just use top entrances).
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    Default Re: Should I clean out dead bees?

    If the morticians can't get them out, and they are blocking the exit holes, I would remove the guard do a sweep out on the bottom board. A small/long stick or bee brush would work for this. However, I would go on the side of caution and put the guards back on, no need to take an unnecessary risk. In time I believe the morticians would take care of this problem on their own.


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