I did ask in the live chat, so no offense, I just need some more input. Hard for me to follow there.

I live in Texas, zone 8b. I purchased my equipment and want to have two hives and collect some honey for ourselves. However, my kits and parts that I ordered mean I have three deep bodies and two medium hive bodies. My plan was to run the deep hive bodies until they got 7 out of 10 frames filled, then put on the excluder and put my medium super on and wait for it to fill up with honey. So...

1.) I am now confused as to whether one deep is enough to properly keep my bees from swarming and keep honey for myself.

2.) If it is enough, when do I put on my queen excluder and my medium honey supers if I am only running a single deep hive body??

I asked specifically about this when I ordered my equipment, and I was told this is all I needed. But, the more I read, the more Im not so sure.