Hi Guys,

Let me introduce myself first as this will be my first entry on this forum. I am a hobby beekeeper in Australia, as you might guess, we don't have varroa here (touch wood) and I am running my 3 hives totally without treatment of any kind.

I am though participating as a moderator on our Turkish forum on the sustainable beekeeping practices. i have started a disucssion on treatment free beekeeping specifically on a document I have translated from Mr. Bush's web site on treatment free beekeeping and later on added Mr. Parker's list of treatments from his web site.

I am planning to run a project to produce Varroa resistant ecotype bees and probably write everything we plan to do on a wiki as a guideline to Treatment Free Beekeeping with varroa resistant bees (queens per se).

I am gathering researches and papers on the subject here and particularly the paper written by Swedish Beekeepers Assoc is very helpful to put down some of these guidelines.

I am wondering if we can do the same here and put down the guidelines of how to start treatment free beekeeping and its progress through out the years. hopefully this will turn into a sticky where people refer to year after year.