I have been asked recently by someone in marketing if I would be interested in selling my ironwork through some select stores that offer artisanal work.
Sounded great till I realized they want it for 50% less than my retail.
I said no way, I'm not a machine and my work is made one piece at a time.
May as well give it away for 50% off retail.

So, I'm taking the same approach with beekeeping.
Last year an organic food vendor in a local farmers market and a stand-alone semi-large produce stand ask to carry our honey. Both of these places are in my area but far enough apart that they won't compete.

I've been reading through the many threads on wholesale honey and am just not finding answers.

I'm not looking for a price from any of you to set for our honey but rather what criteria do you use when setting your own prices?

Are there a minimum number of cases for a store to purchase?
Do you cut your retail pricing in half to get the wholesale price?
Or do you reduce the retail pricing by a certain percentage?