Hello all, Newbie here with a lot of questions. I've been doing a lot of reading and felt pretty good going into winter but I'm not seeing what I expected to see.
Since it is my first winter, and having only 1 hive i want to be sure I help them out as much as possible.
My setup right now is 2 deeps with an inner cover, notch down, an 1 1/2" spacer on top of that with 1" foam insulation in the top section and then a telescoping cover. I put pennies under the front corners of the inner cover for added circulation.
I'm wondering though why the girls are partying up on top of the inner cover every time i look?? Checked them again last night, cold and dark, with 18* weather and still partying up there!!!
I know it's warm up there but shouldn't they be clustered down lower?? They were loaded with honey in the fall. Is it possible they are running out already??
I layed some fondant across to frames for them just in case.
I'm also curious if I should not have created the little attic space with the spacer?!
Any thoughts out there??