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    Default what makes the best hive tool the best?

    Let me preface this with a simple statement. I have no bees, nor have I ever had them? I am certainly to be considered a newbie.

    I have fabricated and assembled a couple of Langstroth hives, fabricated and assembled all the necessary frames, and have two 5-frame nucs on order. I've got the PPE that i feel necessary and a smoker. What i do not have is a hive tool. As this seems to be a rather important thing to have, I want one that will be useful. I gather that there are a couple of designs, and that nearly anything can work in a pinch, but I plan to make my own. I my free time, i am a bladesmith and have all of the tooling and forges to make whatever I could possibly want.

    So, are there any features that you wish a hive tool had? So far, I am partial to the double beveled design

    as seen in this link...assuming i got the link to work. I fabricated my frames before learning that any "rough" wool would be heavily propolised and I suspect that I will have the need to do a fair bit of scraping and prying. I plan to make new frames to tighter tolerences and sanded smooth if the need arises.

    I will be tempering this steel to a low 50s on the rockwell scale to permit some prying without cracking, yet retain a sharp edge without regularly sharpening.

    So, if you you any ideas, design critiques, or even criticisms of tools you have or have used, I sincerely welcome the input


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