I did a difficult thing today—I had to kill a queen. This hive has been hot since spring of last year. It got worse through the summer and then after fall harvest it settled down some. The other day I was out there and it’s getting too hot again, plus other things I noticed that were not good. Very runny on the frames, and the brood build out was edge to edge on the frames. All signs of Africanized. These hives are too close to homes for me to feel comfortable leaving it. I went out today, found the queen and put her in a container of rubbing alcohol. Michael Bush said it’s the quickest way to kill them and it’s true, she seemed to die immediately.

The hive is a 10 frame deep all seems full of bees. I wanted to do this before the queen started laying drone, as the build up has started here. There’s 3 frames full of brood with some brood on 2 other frames. Nectar and pollen on the other frames.

My question—I have another hive the same size, one deep full, and I’d like to combine the now queenless hive to this one with newspaper or doubled mesh screen to one of the same size that then I would have a decent size hive. I messed quite awhile in the original hive as I found and lost the queen twice before I finally got her, and the colony was pretty worked up by the time I was done. Probably a bit traumatized. I thought it might be better to put the queenright box on top of queenless, rather than move the queenless hive. The queenright hive is about 30 feet away, within feet of other hives so I hope returning foragers will drift to other hives.

Or should I take queenless and put that on top of queenright? Either way I will need to put an empty deep on top and move frame by frame as both hives I believe are connected to bb with plates and screws.
Do I use a wedge at the lid to give the top box access in and out?

Do I combine at all as one was hot/Africanized?

I want to use the dead queen as a swarm lure. How do I do that, what prep, and do I still use Lgo?